Questions You Should Ask

#1: How many man hours do I get on my inspection?
Our average inspection takes two to three hours. 

#2: When do I get my report?
Fulbright Home Inspections will generate a custom digital report that will be delivered within the next 24 hours after your inspection.  Your inspector will give you all the information on all recommended repairs and observed conditions at the time of inspection.  Some inspection companies like to give a "fill in the blank" report at the time of inspection.  We prefer to give our clients a customized report with pictures so the client can feel confident that they understand what the report is conveying.

#3: Have your prospective inspector(s) passed the National Home Inspection test?
Yes.  Every licensed Inspector with Fulbright Home Inspections has passed the National Home Inspection test.  Approximately ½ of all other active inspectors are “grandfathered”.  “Grandfathered” inspectors have not been required to pass any testing. 

#4: How much does an inspection cost?
Fulbright Home Inspections has a minimum fee (call for current price). Price is based on square footage (15¢ per sq. ft.) PLUS crawl space, additional heat/air zones, swimming pool, sprinkler system, water well or septic tank, etc. Fulbright Home Inspections will give you an exact price when you call. Commercial inspections are priced differently. 

#5: Can I pay you at closing or must I pay at the inspection?
You may pay at closing or pay us at the inspection. There is a modest additional charge to pay at closing. 

#6: What are your hours or when may I schedule my

We will start inspections from 6am to 7pm Monday through Saturday. We will start later (I've started as late as 10pm) at your request, but there will be an additional charge if we start an inspection after 6pm.

#7: Can you schedule your inspection on a weekend?
YES, we work every Saturday. (We will work Sundays and Holidays, but it costs more) YOU MAY TAKE IT TO CLOSING OR PAY US ONSITE. Please call for a specific quote.

   "10 things you should know"

    #1. When you hire an Oklahoma Home Inspection Company you want the most qualified Oklahoma Home Inspector you can hire. If the Home Inspector doesn't have any hands on construction experience then find a Licensed Home Inspector who does.

    #2. Just because they have an Oklahoma Home Inspector License it doesn't mean they knows what they are doing.

    #3. Anyone can take a 2 week Vo-Tech class on how to pass the Okla Home Inspection Licensing Exam.

    #4. No construction experience is required to obtain an Oklahoma Home Inspectors License.

    #5. Always look at the Oklahoma Home Inspection Company's sample reports. Does the home inspection report have photos to show areas of concern or is it a simple check list.

    #6. Ask the Home Inspector Questions?  Listen to what home inspector is saying and determine for yourself if the Oklahoma Home Inspector has the experience and knowledge to help you with one of the most important decisions of your life.

    #7. Not all Oklahoma Home Inspectors or Home Inspection Companies are the same.

    #8. The Home Inspection Price: is a direct reflection of quality and type of report.

    #9. The Home Inspection Price: is a direct reflection of education, experience and knowledge in home construction.

    #10. Follow your gut instincts............

Exact quotes will be provided when you call.

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