Common Report Items

Be sure that Gas, Water, Electric, Propane are ON at the time of your inspection.

The top things that we find everyday that are easily avoidable:

1. Hot Water Tank
• If in the garage, it must be raised, whether gas or electric.
• Must be double wall pipe all the way through the roof (if replaced since 1990.)
• Must have new flex gas line, old copper tubing NOT acceptable.
• Pipe off of pressure relief valve must be metal or stamped approved for 180°.

2. Heating and Cooling
• They must come on!
• Put in clean filters, have them serviced and they will probably pass. When dirty filters, low
freon, a bad igniter, etc. prevent proper function, they fail.
• Pull the floor vents and look in them with a flashlight your hand. If rusted through they
have to be replaced. If we identify a rusted through floor vent, we advise the client to have
the entire system scoped.

3. Electrical
• Loose, cracked receptacles and covers need to be replaced.
• All electrical wiring in the attic, in the heater closet should be in a proper electrical junction
box, spliced wiring, taped and/or with ‘twist caps’ is NOT enough.
• If a bulb is burned out, put a bulb in it.
• If you don’t want to fix it, remove it. (Ceiling fans, garage door opener.)

4. Windows and Doors
• Cracked glass must be replaced.
• Broken/missing window locks must be replaced.
• Windows must raise and stay up or they must be repaired --- unstuck, springs replaced, etc.
• Door knobs, dead bolts and striker plates that do not work properly must be

5. Toilets and Sinks
• Snug toilets to the floor and tanks to the toilet.
• Turn on faucets for 20 minutes, then look under them, or behind them, with a flashlight.
A lot of sinks leak after 20 minutes, but not after just 2 or 3.
• Kitchen hose sprayers are supposed to shut off 100% of the water at the faucet. Repair,
replace or remove.
• Sink/tub stoppers must work.

6. Roofs
• The most common required repair is no chimney rain cap. Add a chimney rain cap and
check the top mortar.
• If your roof is over 7 years old or has been exposed to bad weather, seal it with tar around
all vents, chimneys, valleys, and small damage spots.

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